Sunday, December 31, 2006

I likes it.

I really like the word "redux", especially because I had never heard it before they marketed the Apocalypse Now DVD a few years ago. Also because it's defined as "having been restored or rejuvenated". Redux. The first time I lost a great deal of weight in 2002 I called it "Operation Ass Reduction". Now, it's just gonna be Redux.

I wonder how many thousands of fatblogs are getting written at the same time I'm starting mine. I've decided to start 2007 about eight hours earlier than I'm supposed to, partly because I'm perverse like that, but mostly because my original plan of swallowing an entire Sara Lee fudge cake, a loaf of French bread and a half pound of salami and mozzarella cheese doesn't sound just mildly might actually be the grossest thing I can imagine at this point in time.

Does cheese freeze? I shall endeavor to find out.

Thus begins the fatblog of a 26 year old, 5'1", 232.5 pound woman in Missouri. I have pictures...Lord, do I ever have pictures of the back fat and the stretch marks on the stomach and the ass that has more than reached badonkadonk status. I think I'm even going to post them, with the pale moony face pixellated out, of course.

I really, really don't want to be fat anymore. I'm spending New Year's Eve alone because I feel way too fat and ugly to go out in public. I could blame it on being recently separated, but the truth is I was married last New Year's and I didn't go out then. I absolutely cannot wait to get my life back. And it's gonna start when I press "publish".

I really hope I can freeze cheese.


Amanda said...

Hi Erin, thanks for the link on your blog! I wish you a happy successful 2007 and am looking forward to reading about your ups and downs through the year. All the best to you! Amanda Jane :)

BigAssBelle said...

and so it begins. how wonderful. this can be a fabulous year and i think you've taken the first step in your commitment. especially having taken that step 8 hours prior to the mandated fat-girl-gets-better deadline of new year's eve. congrats!!