Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, February 19th

I kind of had a shitty day today, and I'll probably write a little about that tomorrow, but I just needed to note for posterity's sake that resolving to do something constructive with bad news makes the actual bad news easier to get through than wallowing in it.

I didn't stay under 1600 calories today (closer to 1800, probably), but I also didn't binge while I was upset and I didn't even go get any awful fast food tonight, so I feel good about that.

I did indulge in a little retail therapy, but before my Favorite Person calls me up with a lecture, I can say that I think I've justified it very well. I had originally decided to use my new credit card to pay for yoga classes at the Bikram Place because they were $150 dollars and then I could pay it off every month and that would put revolving credit back on my report which would increase my credit score even more since I started fixing it after the divorce, but every time I thought about the cost of tuition, plus the driving involved I just couldn't see how it'd be a very good idea. So, since I'm not going to have that planned expense, I decided to buy one pair of tango shoes that were TOTALLY reasonably priced and would be better for my ankle than the ones I have now. I'm not really in love with the color combination, but it was the closest thing I could get to all black from a company in the U.S., and I know it's a reputable brand, and I can always send them back if they're not good. Also, I think the stilettos look killer in this picture.

And finally, just in case you haven't seen Argentine tango before and you're wondering why I obsess over it (besides the shoes, obviously), here's why. This is my current idol, Graciela Gonzalez, who proves that you can be in the Sisterhood of the Badonkadonk and still move like a goddess. I watch this video at least once a day, which is kind of like how I used to listen to the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack every single night before I went to bed in 8th grade, except now I don't fantasize about marrying Christian Slater at a Renaissance Festival.

Well, not often anyway.


Anne M. said...

Wow, awesome shoes! I think I would fall and break my ankles but if you can walk in them, I can see how dancing in them would make the body move differently and help get you into such a wonderful place.

I love hearing you talk about tango and what it means and does for you :) Now on to watch the video again!

Helen said...

LOVE the shoes (wish I could wear heels still...can I live vicariously through you?!), LOVE the story about your tango the other day...it reminds me of me and skiing...I am not great after three years, but determined and it's fun for me (even though it's hard to find pretty girly ski clothes if you're not a size 8 or 10). GOOD FOR YOU!! :-)

Linda said...

*wolf whistles* SEXY! shoes and clip!

I bet Graciela never felt like the wallflower.

Lori said...

Whoa, wonderful shoes! I'd fall down and I'd go boom. You're so much more agile and flexible.

I think you made some wise decisions. These things (yoga, shoes) are going to help you with your health, your mental attitude and in general make you feel so much better than say, spending $75 at any other store. You thought about your credit history and I think it's a smart to have some activity on it.

Man, don't worry about 200 calories. Like you said, it's not that much and you are making changes that are pretty substantial. Yay for you, Erin!!

(Just don't wear those shoes out in the snow. Bad idea. LOL)