Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I spent the weekend in my hometown, chilling with the parentals and my 92-year old great aunt, so you can imagine that wild times went down with the four of us. That old lady can really pound back the tequila-Metamucil cocktails

Anyway, since my family isn't exactly known for our gastronomic restraint, I had more than a few dinners at restaurants. I decided to dip into my reserve of WW Flex Points for the weekend, but I didn't keep track of them as I ate. I was really super proud of what I thought was a great job, eating-wise, because usually my trips home are an orgy of cookies and nachos and ice cream and buttered popcorn and fatted calves and those cute pigs with the apples in their mouths...

So I thought I was doing really, really well until I decided to do sort of a Flex Points retrospective on the weekend, and I think I managed to total up about 60 Flex Points altogether...Holy Moses, I had no idea.

So basically that means while I thought I was maintaining an almost Buddhist level of self-denial on my weekend, I was actually overeating, which means the last 25 and 3/4 years of my life have been spent, like, doubly and triply overeating. Like maybe to the tune of 3,000 calories or so per day, and that's really nasty.

So, Lesson #1: Weight Watchers is seriously helping me handle food better than I ever have in my non-dieting past, so I get to spend at least a tiny fraction of the time saying "Yay me!"

And Lesson #2: COUNT THE POINTS. Every point. Every Flex Point. Every bite that goes in my mouth even if it's just a random spoonful of angel food cake mix that didn't make it to the bowl (not that I would do that). Because I'm pretty sure my weigh-in tomorrow will show a loss, but if I hadn't overdrafted my Flex Points, I'm sure it would be bigger.


Christine said...

Counting points - counting calories. Yes, you do have to count something. I didn't realize how much junk I packed away until I started to keep track of what I was eating - and it just blew my mind.

Jarrett Meyer said...

I thought that unbaked goodies didn't count yet? :) This includes batter, cookie dough, and their various mix derivatives.

Counting sucks, but seems to be required for any diet program.

Lori said...

I'm glad you can see that you ate BETTER than you normally do when you visit your parents. That's the good stuff and really, all of this changing our lives just take a lot of time and practice. It's never perfect the first time or the first ten times. Especially when it comes to the parental units. (BTW, wouldn't the metamucil cocktails be okay since there's so much fiber in them? I'm just saying....)

Abba said...

I warned you about those nasty little flex points. However, you are certainly right. You must count every little thing that goes into your mouth, regular or flex. Sounds like you are definitely holding your own. Keep up the great work. BTW - I was in Kansas City yesterday. Took my kid to Worlds of Fun.

Erin said...

Heh, Abba, yes you did. I'm trying to stay far, far away from the extra points now.

And I was supposed to be at WOF for a music thing yesterday, but ended up not going due to weird scheduling problems and instead sat at a booth at our town festival and sold discount WOF tickets for the PTA. I guess it was almost like being there, because I had a birds eye view of the Tilt-a-Whirl. Hope you had fun!