Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Captain Obvious

I have discovered something: My little redneck barrio has a sidewalk, and this sidewalk runs in a loop shape around our subdivision. I drove my car in the same loop and realized I have a perfectly serviceable .3 mile track around which to walk, trudge, and ultimately run. There is absolutely no--NO, I say--excuse for me not to be engaging in cardio exercise right now. We are enjoying of California-esque weather, I have two sturdy and operational legs waiting to churn down concrete, and I have loads and loads of time in which to do it. It really didn't even register that we had sidewalks around here because my town is so completely devoid of pedestrian-friendly walkways that I just assumed the neighborhood was the same way. But nay, you can actually WALK ON THE SIDE of the street. I marvel.

In my defense, most of the sidewalk is normally obscured
by extra cars or Little Tykes furniture, or various conversation groups of Dale Earnhardt memorial campchairs and coolers, but for the most part I can walk in a straight line for at least the length of three or four quadplexes. The only thing that's holding me back at this point is laziness. My friends, I am going to walk tomorrow at 7:45 pm after work. Bear witness so I don't cop out.

Now, if only I could discover a Bowflex gym behind one of the azalea bushes in my backyard...

By the way, thank you to Jen of Angry Fat Girlz and Dietgirl for being nice enough to notice my last blog entry. Jen's thoughts on the subject are way more insightful than mine ever could be, but really how hard would it be to out-erudite someone who writes about public poopers and Subway?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


ws said...

Good luck on your walk. Bring some music and it will be even more enjoyable. I lived in a Washington, DC Barrio once - it was an experience I'll never forget, and it was actually quite enjoyable.