Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things are kind of in a standstill right now at Casa Redux. I get paid next Wednesday, which is fantastic as I'm sort of out of food and money and the nerve to attempt check kiting in the hopes that I can get said food without said money. I've also agreed to join Weight Watchers with my friend Missy, but can't get to a meeting until Wednesday.

So I wait.

Planning and waiting for me is a dangerous thing sometimes, because I tend to get into the mindset of not having to make it count until the actual day I plan to do something. So I sit, and plan, and eat. Right now I'm already thinking in the back of my head "You know...frozen pizzas are cheap and WAY more fun than frozen vegatables. Plus, it'd totally rack up some extra water weight for the WW weigh-in." Bad, BAD philosophy, but that's how I roll.

I guess one positive thing about this mini-odyssey of losing that big burst of initial weight and then letting it creep back on over the last two months is that at the very least, I'm not binging like I used to. There has been no consuming entire cakes, or making multiple fast food stops in one drive (although I must admit the other day I did get a 7-layer burrito at one place and a bowl of soup at another, but that was because I was really, really, hungry and there weren't any veggie sandwiches at the soup place). Basically there's been nothing horrible bad, but there's also been nothing really good about my reduxing either. I can't summon enough energy to exercise regularly, even though I know perfectly well that regular exercise gives you energy. The last few days have been kind of rainy and weird and so I never made it outside to walk the neighborhood, so that's been bothering me too. I dunno...maybe I spend too much time plotting and planning and not enough time actually doing. I'm happy I'm not sitting up in the 230's worrying about this, but it also bothers me that I'm still in the 220's and can't update my progress pictures yet. I just wished it bothered me enough to actually take some initiative and get better food and to move my body. Hopefully after payday.


Lori said...

I've been there with the money situation. Being stressed out about money doesn't help with food either but it seems like you're doing okay.

You're looking at the good things you've done -- and how that's still sticking to you like not bingeing. That's all good.

You'll get out of the 220's. Remember you don't have the WW plan (you can email me and I'll send you some stuff), you don't have the money to buy good and healthy things (and yes, $1 pizzas are easily to budget for than say, fresh pineapple). So be good to yourself, hope that the weather gets sunny and it will be next Wednesday before you know it.

Anonymous said...

HI! I found your journal through Diet girl and I've just started reading last week. I'm formerly from Missouri (moved to California 2+ years ago to get married) and I'm starting a self-improvement/dieting journey of my own. Reading other people's blogs helps keep me motivated. I've actually put a link to your journal on my journal. I hope you don't mind?

I know how hard it is to eat healthily when there's no money. You'd think that it would be the other way around and veggies & fruits would be cheaper but that's just not the case. It's cruddy!

It's great that even though you're in a bit of a dieting lull at the moment you're still able to concentrate on the positive aspects (yay to the no bingeing!!).


Laura Brandon said...

I did exactly the same thing you do before I joined WW--all three times. It's just a thing we do, I guess. And I agree, it will be next Wednesday before you know it. Trust me, it's already Friday, and last I remember it was Monday.