Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Usually if I've been gone for a week or more, you can be assured it's probably because I found myself lost in a junk food induced haze and I've only come out of it long enough to type a plaintive "What was I thinking?" entry before resuming my two steps forward/one step back trudge down the path to physical well-being.

So of course I'm true to form this time and am limping back into Fatblogland with my tail between my legs and a terrible sugar and fat hangover from ten days worth of indulgence. The last week of school is dizzying melange of ice cream socials, potlucks, long lunches at Mexican restaurants, and general hedonism on the part of the teachers and students. I think our PTA was even considering renting a vomitorium for next year's orgy.

Surprisingly, I haven't gained any weight--still holding steady at 221--but my body just feels beyond nasty. I was never sure if I bought into body toxins and cleansing the body, but boy do I ever now. I spent the entire day today languishing on the couch and flipping between Maury and Greg and wishing I were dead. There wasn't anything wrong with me--I wasn't sick and I wasn't tired--I just felt like crap.

I go to Chicago on Saturday, but tomorrow and Friday I'm going to see if I can flush out some of the thirty-seven tons of assy foods I stored in my intestines (lovely mental images, no?). A friend of mine who's battled cancer and gall bladder issues and kidney issues and all sorts of other awful things was given a bottle of that 48-Hour Hollywood Miracle Diet (I know, right?) to drink with foods off the Detox Diet and lots of water. So it doesn't do the harmful 10 lbs. in two days weight loss like it just detoxes and lets you keep up your energy while you eat small amounts of stuff like brown rice and miso soup and vegetables and fruit.

I'll catch up with all of you tomorrow, hopefully. Have a wonderful Thursday and stay away from sugar cookies and Kool-Aid at all costs!


Christine said...

Glad to see you're back - feeling your pain from the binge! :) Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be good. Take care and keep bloggin.

Luna Bella said...

I've taken a big tumble off the wagon as well lately and am really struggling to climb back on. You're in good company!

Hope your weekend was good. Here are some healthy-eating vibes for you: