Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weigh-in Edition, Week: God only knows

Weight: 220

Progress: -1 lb.

Total Progress: 14 lbs.

Pounds to go: 90

I was pleased to see a loss this week after a month or so of steadily gaining again. It's funny, because during the Great Ass Reduction of Ought-Two, I felt like I was losing weight too fast...close to 60 lbs. in about six months and from a lower starting weight. Now I'm overjoyed to just not gain each week. I can't imagine my metabolism has gotten so lazy in just five years, but maybe it's a give and take; I've gained perspective and restraint and maturity and in return have had to accept the thyroid of an 84 year old grandmother. My mother hypothesizes that my killer tonsils have allowed my body to harbor some sort of infection for the past year which explains why I'm always dragging, always sick, always pathologically attracted to my office futon and body pillow at 4:00 pm when I probably should be doing productive things instead. Maybe I'll turn around after the ENT yanks the toxic little effers out this summer.

Anyway, veggie and bean fajitas for lunch today with an apple. If I can make it through the afternoon doldrums without giving in to naps or cheese-based snacks or fast food for dinner, I'll be golden for the rest of Wednesday.


Christine said...

Congrats on your loss! Take it and run with it - and do it again next week. :)

abbagirl74 said...

Take the pound and go with it. Keep the momentum going. It's easier to push ahead when you have that momentum to help you. Great job! Hope today was a good day.

Lori said...

Just take care of yourself and get well. Your mom may have a good point and it's hard to exercise or think constructively when you feel like crud.

A loss is a loss! Take it -- it counts.

PS I haven't forgotten the tag. It's tomorrow, promise!

Grumpy Chair said...

I know what you mean by wanting that loss no matter if it is .2 ounces or 1 pound. I gained 6 pounds in April on top of the two gained between January and March.

Though, I started exercising better/longer/more in Mid May, all I have done is maintained.

Kudos to you.

Vickie said...

Has anyone checked your adenoids? It used to be standard to take tonsils and adenoids out at the same time – but not any more. Adenoids can really impact your quality of sleep (sleep apnea) so even if you feel that you are sleeping a lot – you aren’t really getting rest. My youngest had huge adenoids that were caught be the orthodontist’s panoramic x-ray of her whole mouth – medical world did not catch it at all – they were huge and she did have sleep apnea.

Jarrett Meyer said...

Congrats! Welcome back to the wagon.