Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Challenge Day One


So the first day of this was good in terms of following the rules, but not great in terms of actual nutrition.

DailyPlate.com reports my caloric/fat intake as 1957 cals/87 g.

The teacher friends and I were seduced by the fabulous chips and spinach queso at our local Mexican restaurant, which is where I consumed the bulk of my cals/fat. The burrito itself wasn't so bad, and I did great at breakfast and I doubt we'll be there again in the next 30 days so I'm glad I ate what I did, and I'm glad I got to see them most of all.

Breakfast: Fiber One w/Raisin cereal, skim milk, banana, black tea w/Sweet n Low

Lunch: Black bean Monterey burrito, copious amounts of chips and dip, Diet Coke, water

Dinner: Leftover bean burrito, refried beans, Spanish rice, Edy's no sugar butter pecan ice cream, raspberries, Diet cream soda, water

Water intake: 132 oz (woot)

Exercise: About 30-45 minutes of softball practice. Daily Plate calculates I burned around 350 calories for this, but I think they're dirty overexaggerating liars. Although I did fall to the grass in exhaustion and laid there apathetically while my friend Jen's 125 lb. Malamute made out with me.

Saw people: Check

Went outside: Check

Day 1 is a success, I think.


Bruce said...

That is absolutely a success. Way to go. I assume we will be getting play by play softball game updates as well.

jen said...

I agree -- success. To go out and have Mexican food and still keep your food intake at under 2000 calories is fantastic. I could eat 2000 calories of chips alone, especially if I washed them down with margaritas.

I like that your challenge is not just about weight loss, too. Getting outside and seeing people are definitely worthwhile goals.

Christine said...

Looks amazing to me! Good for you!