Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The void that doesn't need filling

I have this distinct feeling that my ass is smaller than it was just a week ago. If you have a badonk, you know what I mean when I say that it's an omnipresent force in your life. It's always...THERE. Bumping things off tables or brushing against people in department stores. When you swing your body around to check yourself out in a mirror, it seems like your ass catches up with the rest of you a half second later and ruins the profile. It's there to remind you you're just about too big for your last pair of fat jeans, it's a water-dark, supersized Rorshach blot on the side of a concrete swimming pool when you stand up to jump back in, it's the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think about your life. THE ASS can ruin whole days if you let it.

Well, my ass is missing some of its bulk, and that's completely weird to me, because in the time that I was actually working to lose the weight I never felt like I got smaller. But I think I am. I really do. My summer jeans aren't quite clinging to my posterior the way they were a month ago (maybe I've finally just worn them out and they're too weary to do anything except sag). And most important of all, I feel that....absence. Some part of me isn't where it used to be.

I must say, I'm rather thrilled by this.


*ccc* said...

Here's to shrinking arses everywhere!!!

May it continue its downward trend :)

Luna Bella said...

Yay you and your slightly smaller badonk! For me, it's the gut. I'm one of those apple shaped women with no waist and a big round belly, and during my last successful dieting adventure, I could just feel it melting away. It's a great, great feeling, isn't it?
I'm happy for you, and happy your 30-day experiment is going well.