Friday, July 27, 2007

We gonna drink Bacardi like it's mah burfday...

Last year my birthday was kind of a comedy of errors, as my grandmother's cancer tests came back to confirm that the whistling in her lungs was due to a rapidly growing tumor, my husband decided to finally move out, but trashed our house as a final birthday present, and because of all of this everyone seemed to forget I was having a birthday until my mother remembered mid-Hamburger Helper preparations, and asked if fried ice cream at the local Mexican place counted instead. Since he knew I was down, my favorite person sent me a note that said something like, "I expect that by the time you're 27 you will be fabulous". And I chuckled, and imagined a future full of mani-pedis and size 8 couture (well, Old Navy couture...but the FABULOUS kind) and strings of male admirers who could make sardonic jokes about Proust and had never, ever been near the Bates County Mud Run.

So, 365 days later I have to chuckle, because by those standards I've failed miserably. Well, except for the scads of Old Navy clothing I seem to collect on a monthly basis. A girl can never have too many jungle green scoop-necked tees and grey hoodies in her closet. Being 26 going on 27 was hard...maybe the toughest year I've had yet, because while the intense emotions of a failing marriage and a separation were behind me, the rebuilding was yet to be done. And there was the new job, and the new singlehood, and the no friends, and all that stuff. And as you've read in this blog, the all important quest towards Getting Better has been pretty fumbling for me, even though I've learned an immense amount in the process. I do think I grew up a ton in the last year, and I'm proud of that....much more so than if I had spent the year running through boyfriends and partying and being tanorexic and stylish and superficial like I tried so hard to be at the beginning of 26. I'm really, really glad I didn't go down that path, because I don't quite think I'm the kind of chick who can pull off fabulous.

And I'm not really sure why I'm typing's not to extract birthday wishes or pats on the back from anyone (although, by all means...)

But I guess it was partially an explanation of why I haven't posted any weigh-related progress this week. I haven't eaten poorly, but I've eaten too much and at odd times, and it's all related to a long story involving vomiting cats and finally breaking down after watching too many episodes of The View where the antenna reception makes horizontal lines crawl across Joy Behar's face and ordering satellite TV and now I'm going to be able to record every word, nay every BREATH, Kathy Griffin takes on television because it comes with free DVR and how I had had a torturous half hour of trying to decide between Netflix and Blockbuster Online and how I ended up leaving Netflix for the better deal and writing an "It's not you, it's me" note in the "reason for cancellation" box in all seriousness and I felt really bad until I saw they had charged me twice this month and now it's on, bitches, and how I think I might seriously be lactose intolerant except maybe just with cheese, and, and, and....

And also because my brother's boyfriend informed me that since I'm turning 27 on the 27th, and also that I'm turning 27 on 7-27-07 that folk logic says I'm having a golden birthday and that means something special should happen. And I started kind of looking for the specialness to kick in around Tuesday and since nothing did I started thinking instead...about a lot of stuff, really. Like how I wish my life had more outward direction, more focus on other people and on things that don't only affect me. I wish I weren't such a consumer...that I bothered the environment less with the way I lived, and that I was more careful about how much energy I'm using, how much trash I'm producing each week.

Basically, for my 27th birthday, I want to seek more purpose in my life. More self-discipline. More compelling reasons for doing what I'm doing. Why am I obsessing over scales and calories and exercise if the sole reason is to just look more attractive? Really, what's the point if it's only for me and only for those specific reasons? I need to think about all this stuff more...each subject could easily be a tediously long blog post on it's own (lucky you guys!)

The 94 year old great aunt has requested my presence in the hometown for a birthday fete this weekend, so I must go collect my finery and prepare for a weekend of speaking loudly into hearing aids and trying to avoid cramming seventeen pieces of chocolate cake down my throat.

Here's to being fabulous in a more productive way...I hope.


A Happy Wife said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

And by the way, you are FABULOUS

Cheers to you! :)

Meegan (A Happy Wife)

Anonymous said...

Girls like you don't "pull off" fabulous. They define it.

Christine said...

Great blog today - and happy fricking birthday!!! Yeah yeah yeahhhoooo! (throws confetti and streamers - and releases the 27 pink balloons!!)

I think that 7/27/07 does sound lucky and I think that it sounds like a new starting point. Sounds like you have had a long life already and that you have learned alot - who would have thunk that we would be so smart about life and under 30?

Hope you are enjoying the fried ice cream (drool) - and enjoy whats left of your day. The weekend with the hearing aides sounds like a blast. :)

Take care - kick Netflix's ass!

Luna Bella said...

Happy Birthday, Erin! Your goals for the coming year sound fantastic. Purpose is a great thing for all of us to be striving for, and it's nice to think of the physical changes we want to make as part of some greater change that extends beyond just ourselves.
I concur with Anonymous, don't need to worry about 'pulling off' fabulous. Fabulous needs to worry about keeping up with YOU.
I hope your old-lady bash is a blast. Glad you're continuing to share your thoughts and your journey with us!

VeggieB! said...

what? what do you mean, you don't have a reason, other than being attractive?

seriously, erin. health and happiness. which is what i wish you on your bday, and every day anyway. fabulous isn't defined by how much fake tanner you slather on in a day.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Erin!

You wrote another great post and Anon is right, you define fabulous.

It is lucky to turn 27 on the 27th! Yay you!

Have fun with the great-aunts as you never know, they may remember you in their will.

Your goals are admirable and achievable and you can do it. This will be YOUR Year!

Happy Birthday!

Salma Gundi said...

What a great post. Here's to being fabulous in a productive way :)

Happy post birthday!

lukossmom said...

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday! I'm hoping that you are doing something fun for the big 2 7 :)
Happy Birthday Erin!!!!

Grumpy Chair said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Fabulous post, as always.

I hope your 27th year brings you much happiness, good health, romance, a book deal, and a few couture pieces.

Shauna said...

you are a gorgeous rockin' gal and here is to a great year for you. happy birthday comrade :)

Laura Linger said...

*ccc* said...

Wait, wait, wait a minute?

Is your birthday actually the 27th?

See, we have way too much in birthday was Friday too.

Only you have a leg up on the blogging. I was too busy stuffing my face with cake and a Benihana dinner to actually *post* it was my birthday :)

Hope you had a fabulous day and here's to a new year for you!

PastaQueen said...

Okay, I'm waaaaay behind on my blogs, but happy birthday! My golden birthday is this year too.