Monday, July 23, 2007


The numbers on the scale were trending downward in a major way this week. I head steady in the mid 219s all the way through Thursday, flirted with the 218s on Friday and then between Saturday and today I magically appear to have gained back around three pounds. I think the cats are attaching me to a salt lick IV drip while I sleep.

Actually, it's what happened to me this time last week too. I ate a bunch of junk food crap on Saturday and Sunday and filled up with sodium and fat and regretted it on Monday and I didn't drink any water and the only exercise I had was softball.

So, first I obviously need to get over the slacking. I didn't think I was doing SO badly, but maybe cutting corners adds up. And if I want pizza next week I'm only going to get it if I make it, so it'll be personal sized and sans copious amount of oil.

But also, I'm going to start weighing in on Thursdays from now on, because dammit...I deserve to post a loss. I think it's going to be unavoidable that I will eat more calories and fat and salt on the weekends, even if I make sure to curtail it from now on, so I'll wait until my body stops feeling like a giant sodium blimp each week to get a better picture, and I'm going to hold off on weighing this week too.

Just sticking that in there for posterity so next week when I look longingly at the Domino's on the drive home from work I'll remember it's not really worth it.


Jarrett Meyer said...

That's why I weigh in EVERY day. Every day? Yes, every day. You have to look at long term trends. My weight can go up and down by +/- 3 pounds from day to day. Last week, I flipped 6.5 pounds in only 8 days. That isn't possible.

I weigh in every morning, and I track a 7-day rolling average. It really helped my sanity.

Erin said...

You are seriously the most potent voice of reason sometimes for me.

Averages...why didn't I think of that? Duh.

Thank you!

*ccc* said...

I have to it bad that I weigh myself Saturday mornings just because of weekends?

I figure--whatever damage I do on Saturday night, I can completely UNDO by the next Saturday morning.

This would explain why Saturdays are bad, bad days for me ;)

Keep on truckin'. We have allll been there. I think your mischievous cats are communicating with mine. Bloat is everywhere!

Christine said...

:) I plan my weigh in very carefully. Always Saturday morning. That gives me Saturday and Sunday to relax a bit - and then I kick butt Monday thru Friday!

Erin said...

Christine, I always figured if I put my weigh-ins on Mondays then I'd be forced to be more careful on the weekends. I guess it didn't quite work how I planned.

Lori said...

I used to weigh in on Monday evenings so that I would (in theory) be "good" over the weekend. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. I went to Saturday mornings because I was tired of being hungry all day at work to maximize my evening weigh in at WW.

I'm switching to Thursdays because I like the meetings. I don't like the "being careful" during a work day but that's the way the ball bounces. I also weigh myself every day but it's to keep me a little more aware.

As for the Domino's, someone robbed a pizza delivery man. The news announcer said that the gunman made off with an undisclosed amount of cash AND some pizzas. I thought, well, if you're going to knock over a pizza guy, you SHOULD take the pizzas too. What's the point? (At least they said the suspect was a thin male in his 20s and not some deranged overweight female like me.)

Erin said...

Well, and also because everyone knows that deranged overweight women would head straight for the Cheesy Bread and the Brownie Bites.

Lori said...

They have brownie bites?

I may make other plans for my late night forays instead of knocking over the Good Humor Man's truck.