Friday, July 6, 2007

HRM, the Queen of Self-Loathing Land hath declared It Restrained Exhilaration Day

(I made him put his breeches on just for this)

WHEREAS: Even though some days I wake up and put on my clothes and I feel like my old shirts and jeans are so tight you can see the outline of my spleen through them.

And WHEREAS: Even though I don't really DO anything to deserve it.

And WHEREAS: I can't really see it myself because that would be admitting I'm good at something.

BE IT RESOLVED ANYWAY: That today two people, independently of one another, came up and said they'd noticed "I'd lost a bunch of weight".

Happy Weekend...I'm on a mini-vacation 'til Monday.


Abba said...

Good for you. It feels good when people notice. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Lori said...

You are so funny and clever--you forgot that part.

Take the compliments and build on them.

And yes, you do deserve good things, lots of compliments, and a good mini-vacation.

Get the New Yorker --July 9&16 issue--it has an article by David Sedaris and it will make you laugh on top of it.

Have fun!