Thursday, January 4, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 went pretty well. My plans to exercise were changed by an out of town meeting that will happen every week on Thursday, so I've decided to make Thursday my off day in terms of activity.

I attempted to make a dinner that sounded absolutely scrumptious all day...ham and lentil soup and a florentine frittata. I kept daydreaming about how wonderful and savory it would all be, how much of a step up it'd be in terms of cooking than the usual chicken breast/veggie/salad combination I decide to slack off with every night, and how easy it would be to make all this stuff.

I suppose telling you it's 9:51 and I just now got finished choking down a half cup of the soup would be an accurate indicator of how the actual dinner went. I discovered the following things: I really despise cooked spinach in any form, no amount of 2% mozzarella cheese can mask the taste of it, and if you heat up lentil soup too hot it creates a boiling cauldron of death that neither refrigeration nor waving around in 40 degree air on my patio can vanquish. I ultimately set off every fire alarm in my house from the combination of broiling the frittata and cooking the soup too long, and I also discovered while I was running around flinging open doors and running all my fans that if my house were in fact burning down, my neighbors would choose to stand outside and talk about the smoke alarms while smoking cigarettes. Thanks for your help, guys.

I think I'm going to trash the frittata altogether, but I'm going to freeze the lentil soup and give it another chance later. I don't mind making cooking mistakes, because figuring out what I like is going to lay the foundation for keeping up this way of eating for the future.

I just really wish my hair didn't smell like burnt Eggbeaters.


Ashley-Marie said...

Sorry to hear that the cooking didn't go so smooth. Thank you kindly for the wonderful comment on my journal and may your future cooking attempts set off less fire alarms. :-)

BigAssBelle said...

oh god, the sad thing about "reducing" as a way of life is encountering pseudo-foods such as EggBeaters. sigh. i'd have trashed the frittata too.