Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two separate thoughts

1) One really cool thing about exercising is how quickly your body wants you to get better in a short amount of time. Eleven days ago when I mounted the elliptical trainer and slogged through my first 10 minute warmup before weights I honestly thought my legs were going to separate themselves from my torso, walk out the door, and wait for me to wise up and join them in the car. It was uber painful and pretty embarrassing that I had gotten so out of shape. Today an old work friend of mine saw me across the gym and hopped on the elliptical next to me as I was warming up and we chatted for the last half of my ten minutes. When I got off to go upstairs to lift, I realized I had been running at 6.0 mph instead of 5.0 like usual. I also was only moderately out of breath. Certainly able to carry on a conversation, and not feeling like death was imminent as I did last week.

2) I seem to be experiencing some form of Exercise Stigmata on my shoulders. It looks like somene took a waffle iron, heated it up, and pressed it on both shoulders, but it doesn't hurt and it doesn't feel like cuts or burns. I am mystified how they got there and I can only reason they were caused by some sort of rogue sports bra elastic or maybe by the shoulder press machine. I can't figure it out. Has this happened to any of you?


Lori said...

I have no idea what the exercise stigmata is. It could be a sports bra revenge.

But that's great about running at 6.0; I haven't tried to run at my gym (mainly b/c my knees would leave the building first).

Keep up the good work! You sound better.

BigAssBelle said...

hmmmm . . . never had the stigmata. kind of strange. gone now?

but i am also amazed, awed, inspired by the way my body responds to exercise and healthy eating after all these years of abuse. it feels great.