Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weigh-In Edition 3

I currently have a six pound ball of fuzz sitting on my boobs as I try to type this entry from a supine position on the bed. I think my cat is a neo-Luddite as any attempt to access technology results in her either sitting in a way that prevents me from typing efficiently or makes me resort to using slightly painful, Yogic positions to work around her. Also, she's trying to eat my glasses. Bitch.

Am posting a 3 lb. loss for this week, which brings my current weight down to 224 lbs (100.2 kg). Also my waist has dropped a half inch to 38", which means I'm halfway back to the statistically tested safe zone of 35" or smaller and won't feel so guilty when the government issues their "FAT PEOPLE, PREPARE TO DIE" statements on the Internet.

Lori, the wonderfully supportive, fantastic blogger whose content puts mine to shame on a daily basis, reminded me that 8 lbs. is most famously known as the approximate weight of a human head (brought to you by Jerry Maguire and the letter T). So without further ado, I give you...

The head of one Thomas William Mapother Cruise! With a rather impressive set of balls inexplicably Photoshopped to his forehead. I'm thinking this picture might not be completely accurate as the scrotum appears to weigh at least six pounds by itself, but I'm willing to overlook that for the sake of comedy. I'll just send Tom and that eight pounds back to Hollywood to be with Katie and baby Suri and the remains of L. Ron and move on with my life.

I think the most gratifying part of this whole process for me so far is the actual sensation of being smaller. I don't know if we ever really feel what it's like to get bigger, besides vague internal comments like "I don't think my love handles ever brushed against my forearms like that" or "Who just balanced that martini on my ass shelf?", but since I am increasingly convinced that obesity is a matter of personal denial, those realizations are muffled along with all the other negative dialogue in our head. Now, though, even though I'm still so much fatter than I have been in the past I am so appreciating the space I feel around me. The smaller hips, the way my arms can rest at my sides without touching a waist and stomach. The way it's easier to move in a pair of jeans out of which I was busting just three weeks ago. How I just FEEL smaller, even if I don't look like it yet. That will come in time, I know.

I think I'm going to reward myself by going to some movie. I hope there's something non-sucky on this weekend. Best wishes to all of you, and thank you for your wonderful words again this week.


Galen said...

Three pounds and a 1/2 inch! That is impressive and I am very happy for you. Puts me to shame this week.

Keep it up and enjoy your movie.

Have a great day

lisa jane said...

I totally understand what you mean about feeling smaller.Im almost 10 kilos down so I know i'm gettiing NOTICEABLy smaller but the tiny changes that only I can feel are what gives me a thrill.

I really find the comment "you've lost weight", to be very offensive.'I'm like,I beg your pardon?"

Im not sure why people think it is ok to come up and comment on your personal features like that.

But I love the way my rings are too loose and the my ankles are changing face.

Its cool :)

Its funny our pork/turkey creation are almost identical.Real butter is yum.Do you find you eat the same things over and over?I get into these moods where i just want to eat the same thing.A few weeks ago it was boconcini now its haloumi.

Shauna said...

that photo is genius, it will haunt me all week! hehe. and well done on your kickassr results!

BigAssBelle said...

Erin, this is wonderful!! And it is exciting indeed to feel smaller. I know that feeling well. Love it. One of the best thngs in the world, that getting little, getting fit feeling. Hmmm . . wonder if that's why I keep repeating the fucking cycle? Booo.

Congratulations and thank you for such a divine, well written, hysterically funny and poignant blog.

Lori said...

Whoa! That's fantastic about the weight loss and the measurements.

Now, Erin, I really must say you're the fantastic blogger, trust me. I'm dull as dishwater as my momma would say.

I love the head!

I'm still negotiating the small space and feeling smaller. But it's a good thing.

You had a good week, girl! Keep up the good work.

Bruce said...

Great work this week!! Keep it up. Fantastic Scrotum Head. You have many people pulling for you.


I'm Fat said...

Yes, congrats on your loss. I could never imagine telling a person that until now. Great Job!

Jarrett said...