Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weigh-In Edition One: To Cheat or Not To Cheat?

First off, let's dispense with the juicy stuff. It's been exactly one week of Reduxing, and my furtive peeks at the scales indicated a joyfully downward trend to my weight. I woke this morning with a surprise first day of my period and so I was a bit apprehensive to hop back on the scale knowing that plus the uber-salty soup I had for dinner last night could easily wreck any chances to post a loss for this weekend. I closed my eyes, blew out all the air in my stomach, and mentally forced myself to be lighter, and, and, and...

4 lbs. down! Huzzah! So I'm officially sitting at 228.5 this morning and I weighed myself twice just to make sure. For a visual representation of how much I've lost this week, I've chosen Dora, the miniature Chihuahua. Dora weighs four pounds and is apparently adoptable from the Driftwood, TX Miniature Chihuahua Sanctuary. She also came off my ass over the course of the week, and I bid her goodbye and best wishes for 2007.

I've also lost one inch from my waist, which makes me feel less like a 65 year old man golfer with his gut spilling over the waistband of his Dockers, so that's wonderful too.

I thought a lot this week about having weigh-in day double as cheat day, because I know a lot of dieters use it as a time to deal with cravings, refuel their metabolism, and get excited about eating whole foods again. My concerns are how much, and whether unconsciously rewarding a weight loss with junk food is a wise decision. When I did this before, my decision to have a cheat day turned either into a cheat weekend or I'd double up in a week because I had a social function or something else to attend, too.

I think I'm going to give myself a probation cheat breakfast and cheat dinner with a sensible lunch in between and a regular trip to the gym. I never worked on out on my old cheat days, so maybe this attitude of restrained hedonism would be beneficial to get back on track for tomorrow. If not, I scrap the cheat day and we proceed from there.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and take very good care of you.


David said...

Here's to many more lost Doras!

And you are correct, the Captain and Tenille outfits did not go over well with the cats.

Ashley-Marie said...

Congrats on the 4 pound loss!

Hope the probation cheat day goes well, it appears that you are doing awesome.

Cheers to you! Keep up the good work! It's so motivating to read your blog.

You're only 8.5 pounds away from your first goal and that new workout outfit. Good luck!

Bruce said...

Way to go!! Keep it up.

Lori said...

You made me laugh with the Dora. I hope the cheat day went well...I'll scroll up in a minute to find out.

CONGRATS on the 4 pounds lost. That's really awesome. go Erin, go Erin!!!

BigAssBelle said...

lost a chihuahua off your ass. too cute. what a delight to have caught up with you today. you are hysterical and inspirational ~ a great combination.