Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weigh-In Day: Edition 2

I stood on the scales multiple times this morning and got a different answer every time, so I'm not sure exactly what I weigh right now. It was closest to 227.5 (103.2 kg), for a loss of 1 lb. this week (.5 kg). That means my visual grand total of pounds lost (5.5 lbs overall) is:

Yes, that's right! One whole, frozen, pre-cooked octopus from the Catalina Offshore Seafood Store. Looking at this thing, with the dead on view of what I can only assume is its...anus? ink anus? mouth? kinda makes me miss Dora a little. I certainly hope she's been adopted since last week.

Anyway, I'm obviously not Cruise-jumping on my sofa about a 1 lb. weight loss, but it IS a loss, and I have had a sort of iffy week, so I'm satisfied. I'm more excited about the fact that my waist dropped down to 38.5", for a 1.5" loss for the week. My body also is starting to feel and look smaller, at least in the upper body, so I'm grateful for that too.

This week I was a little lax in sticking with strictly GI-friendly foods. I probably focused too much on the grains and not enough on the vegetables, so I'm sure that's where some of the slowing down occurred. Exercise was spectacular, though, and I am definitely feeling the benefits from that.

Unfortunately last night, in the continuing saga of my ribs, I was lying down talking to my brother when I laughed, coughed, and then heard something big POP right in my side. Since then things have hurt a lot worse and my movement is pretty restricted, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to exercise this week. I'm worried about this, because I know myself so well that if I fall out of a routine, it'll be ten times harder to get back with it. On the other hand, exercising has started to be the best part of every day so maybe that'll be enough to keep me with it when I've healed. Like right now I'm tempted to just pop a bunch of Advil and at least go do cardio when the pain stops being really bad. I guess I'll take it day by day.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement this week. It made it so much easier to get to Day 14. Have a wonderful and meaningful holiday off tomorrow if you get it.


bruce said...

Now that is one fine Octopus you have lost. Soon it will be a school of octopi or something. Keep it up!! Was away for a long weekend and enjoyed coming back to your updates. extremely motivational for me. Thanks.